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It’s NAIDOC week! To celebrate we are talking about all things native. 1) if you encounter wildlife that is on our roads (deceased) please stop and move them off the road side. Other wildlife are often in danger of being hit while they either grieve or consume the victims of the road.

2) while you are stopping to move the deceased, can you please check their pouch? You may save a life. 3) having saved a member of the public, the best place to take them is to the hospital! If the vets can assess them they can be treated immediately, and then we can find the most appropriate caretaker for them.

4) plant native plants to create “take away” for our native birds, bees and animals.

5) keep predators like our beloved cats inside. Besides being in a remarkably decreased risk of disease and trauma it stops them from putting a strain on our wildlife.

6) consider placing bird, possum or bat boxes in your back yard. Besides being a work of art they can be wonderful entertainment watching and monitoring their moves.

Thank you guys! We really appreciate it x

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Well said Shey.

This years theme is "Heal Country", so well done for doing your part to do that. I currently have a joey called Binitch with me and he is doing very well at the moment. Playing mum, isn't easy, but it is worth it for their life.


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