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Dog vs Kids

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

When a dog bites a child, the dog always gets the blame. We often push our warped perceptions onto our dogs including the thought they think our kids are as wonderful as we think they are (Bahahaha). Side note: All the pictures below make us cringe.

1) Never leave kids and dogs alone together. Both are a danger to each other, and need supervision. Teach your kids to read any animals body language and to understand what is acceptable and what isn't when we are interacting with each other.

2) Don't let your kids walk around with food. A simple but easily forgotten rule, their face, with food at dogs height can end up in disaster. Dogs don't get table manners, and even the best trained dog shouldn't be teased like that.

3) I know you have all seen me kiss dogs, yours, mine and strays but I am much better then a three year old at reading them. Kissing a dog can be a really aggressive act to them. We think its sweet and adorable, they see someone looking into their eyes, showing teeth which equals aggression.

4) Children should not walk the dog alone. Your kids may be responsible, but can they handle a dog fight? Other stray dogs or irresponsible adults can cause trouble, but they also should not have that degree of responsibility.

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