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Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis(JE) was previously exotic to Australia but has been diagnosed in QLD, NSW, Vic and South Australia. Water birds are a natural carrier and the virus is spread by mosquitos mainly to Horses and pigs. Sheep, goats dogs, cats, bats, rodents, reptiles and of course birds can also be infected. JE can also affect people but is rare.

Clinically horses can show signs of fever, jaundice and incoordination. Pregnant sows will abort piglets (mummified or stillborn), Boars can have swollen testicles. Prevention is to control mosquitos in your area and continue with biosecurity measures. Horses should be rugged with insect boots and fly veils are helpful as well. People should use a repellent and wear long light clothing. If you are at all worried about your animals showing any of the above signs please call a veterinarian immediately.

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