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Livestock disease update

On the weekend I went to Perth to keep up to date on all the news in Livestock from the department of primary industry and rural development. The many talks from multiple regional veterinary officers as well as veterinarians in the private sector highlighted the fact that in Australia we are the lucky country, and if in WA we are even luckier. DPIRD's disease investigation not only offers great value (many of the tests are provided for free to keep Australia's disease free status) but ensures our livestock industry is healthy at heart.

One of the emerging diseases currently afflicting Indonesia, African Swine fever, has had a devastating affect on those communities financially and as well as emotionally. First COVID has caused a steep decline to tourism and then their main meat source is taken from them. The structure of the government also meant that the work towards identifying the disease and taking control measures were provided by an private organisiation that depends on the income from these farmers in the first place. This meant that there was a lag in the time the disease was recognised and increased time before measures were placed to stop the spread, meaning higher numbers of pigs euthanased then would have been necessary if they had a government organisation like DPIRD.

I would also like to acknowledged the amount of information that is shared openly and willingly from the people who work there without a ulterior motive. Many of the pathologists, epidemiologists and other brains within the department spend time talking to us lay vets which can be so helpful when we are treating your animals.

The workshop was well worth attending and many thanks to the undervalued collegues over in DPIRD.

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