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Christmas is just around the corner ( 2 days in fact! say whaaattt!!) for some of us Christmas means hours in the kitchen preparing a giant feast for our families who will devour it like a plague of locusts in 5 seconds flat . For some it may mean travelling to catch up with friends and family or perhaps you are having a quiet one at home. You may even be one of the locusts mentioned earlier whose only job is to turn up! How ever you are planning to spend Christmas chances are there will be a dog or cat or maybe you are lucky enough (like us) to be spending it with many four legged family members. Many of our Christmas treats although harmless to us can be life threatening to our cats and dogs.

  • vegetables belonging to the allium family -onions, garlic, chives etc (salads and stuffings)

  • chocolate

  • macadamia nuts (stuffings and cakes)

  • corn on the cob

  • Avocados ( dips, salads)

  • Artificial sweetner- Xylitol found is some nut butters and sugar-fee desserts

  • alcohol

  • cooked bones

  • grapes, raisins, sultanas(fruit mince pies, fruit cake)

  • ham, bacon and other cured meats (high salt content)

  • caffinated drinks

We know those puppy dogs eyes are hard to resist believe us and that your cat will probably knock all your stuff off the shelf as payback later on, probably at 3am. Even if they are acting like they have never been fed please don't feed them foods containing any of the above. Keep food out of their reach or ensure that they can't help themselves by securing your pets in another area of the house or in a secure pet run and ask your guests to PLEASE DO NOT FEED the animals.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your family, whether they have two legs or four. We are having a short break over Christmas from the 24th to 28th of December, we will still be available for emergencies and can be contacted on 98452245 be sure to leave a message.

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